About Golems

Golems was created by Sam Bayless, along with the support, ideas, and endless testing of his three younger brothers, Jacob, David, and Noah.

Sam is a graduate of the Cognitive Systems program at the University of British Columbia, and is currently getting a PhD in Computer Science, also at UBC.

Contact Information

If you have bugs to report, please report it on the forum.

For other inquiries, you can contact Sam Bayless here.

Legal Stuff

Golems relies upon (and is indebted to) a number of open source projects. For those projects that are LGPL'd, the source code is available on request. The source code for those libraries can also be found in the change log for each release.

Golems uses the Open Dynamics Engine for physics simulation, and JME and LWJGL for 3D graphics.

Golems uses the FengGUI library for many of the menus, and also the SimpleMonkey project, which is an adapted version of FengGUI created for Golems.

Many other open source projects are also included in Golems.

On a related note, this product includes software developed by the University of Chicago, as Operator of Argonne National Laboratory.