Change Log

0.57.0 - January 31, 2011

This release adds new translations (Russian and Hebrew) and some bug fixes.

0.56.0 - June 6, 2010

This release adds a component: Rack Gear. It is now possible to access wire mode via keyboard shortcut (defaulting to '~'). A number of bug fixes are also included. Finally, the appearance of the main menu has been changed slightly.

0.55.9 - February 2, 2010

This release adds some new types of 'Oscilloscope' output widgets: A text output that just displays the numeral value the oscilloscope is reading, and a color window that changes color according to its input.

0.55.8 - January 29, 2010

This release adds support for Mac OS X 10.6 ('Snow Leopard').

0.55.7 - November 19, 09

This special Anniversary edition of Golems marks one year since the initial release. It includes many new textures, as well as some subtle bug fixes to axles/ball-bearings.

0.55.6 - November 10, 09

This minor release fixes the appearance of gears in physics mode.

0.55.5 - October 12, 09

This minor release fixes some unexpected behaviour with static Contacts. Also, Golems now supports an arbitrary number of layers per machine.

0.55.4 - September 28, 09

This fixes a critical bug in the previous release - in certain circumstances, files would refuse to save. All users are recommended to upgrade.

0.55.3 - September 27, 09

This update includes some changes to the interface: The run, stop, and play buttons now have icons. As well, the 'View Instruments' button in physics mode has been moved to a new toolbar in the bottom right hand corner.

Important new features include confirmation dialogs before over-writing save files and clearing unsaved machines; secondly, you can now view sensor fields in physics mode. See what your machine sees! The option appears on the new physics toolbar, alongside 'View Instruments.'

Bug fixes to wire mode, and to sensors.

0.55.2 - September 19, 09

This update adds experimental international language support to Golems!

Translation is still incomplete, and sometimes a little rough, but partial support is available for:

Chinese, French, Italian, Polish, German, Dutch, and Swedish!

The level of support varies from just translating the main menu (Chinese) to translating about 90% of the program (German, Polish, Italian, Swedish).

Hopefully support will improve over time - this is an entirely volunteer based effort. If you'd like a version Golems in your own language, you can contribute to the translation project at the Golems forum.

You can disable local language support in the main menu, under options.

0.55.1 - September 5, 09

This minor update make a subtle change to wire mode that should make it easier to wire your machine up. Also, some typos have been corrected.

0.55.0 - August 29, 09

This major release introduces major new features: Partial tubes, force beams, and contacts, and a new input system (key press controls have been removed from batteries). Physics problems in the previous linux release are also addressed.

0.54.6 - August 12, 09

This minor bug fix imrpoves some selection issues with wires, and also a minor fix to the new precise function editor.

Also, the "HeadVSHelicopter" demo has been split up into two demo files: "Head" and "Helicopter".

0.54.5 - July 29, 09

This release vastly improves the efficiency of turning wire mode on and off for large machines.

You can now precisely control the position of vertices in the function design menus. Some other minor bugs have also been addressed.

Also, this version provides experimental support for 64-bit Linux (tested on Ubuntu 9.04).

0.54.4 - July 20, 09

This release fixes a critically important memory leak, and also brings general performance improvements.

Also, it is now possible to deselect objects when in multiple-select mode.

0.54.3 - July 13, 09

This is a bug fix release; addresses problems with rotating universal joints, text, and some other minor details. This release also improves support for Mac OS X (10.5+) and Ubuntu (9.04).

0.54.2 - June 28, 09

This release adds Universal Joints, which you can create by making a Ball and Socket Joint, and then selecting 'Universal Joint' in their component menu.

0.54.1 - June 23, 09

This release adds the ability to write arbitrary text onto the components of your machine. Find this option under the Appearance tab in the component menu.

0.54.0 - June 20, 09

This major release has many additions, new features, and improvements, including: Interactive physics, new textures, a new ball and socket joint, the ability to turn axles into ball bearings, oscilloscopes for debuging functional components. Also added: A simple video recorder, and the ability to name your machine.

As well, selection works a bit differently now - if you click on something, it will stay selected until you click away from it (as opposed to before, where things deselect when you lift the mouse button).

0.53.12 - May 19, 09

New icons for the main menu, and a much faster/less glitchy save/load menu. Also, a fix to pyramid control points, among other minor bug fixes.

0.53.11 - May 11, 09

Important bug fixes to tubes and slope functions (previously they were not usable).

0.53.10 - May 8, 09

Minor bug fixes from the previous release: pyramids in save files were being loaded at twice the expected size.

0.53.9 - May 6, 09

Minor bug fixes from the previous release, relating to the menus for spheres and textures.

0.53.8 - May 5, 09

We've skipped right over version 0.53.7, which was a testing release on the forums. Many bug fixes and minor improvements (such as more reliable undo/redo). Improvements have also been made to memory usage on large machines.

Major additions:


-Backgrounds (ie, Skyboxes). You can now select from a variety of backdrops for your machine, including star fields and clouds. You can also just select a solid colour of your choice.

0.53.7 - Not Released

0.53.6 - Feb 18, 09

A new type of structure has been added to Golems: Gears. Also, there have been some minor fixes and improvements to how menus work. You can now undo most changes made in windows.

0.53.5 - Feb 2, 09

Fixed a bug introduced in version 0.53.4 that caused major problems for motors, hinges, and hydraulics, (especially with wire mode).

0.53.4 - Feb 1, 09

Improved multimeters so that the detected velocity includes linear velocity caused by the angular rotation of an object (and the same for acceleration).

0.53.3 - Jan 31, 09

Rockets now have particle effects. You can choose from some supplied effects, or design your own.

This release also fixes some minor bugs with deletion and keyboard input, and improves support for linux. Finally, the 'top' demo has been updated to demonstrate the new rocket effects.

0.53.2 - Jan 30, 09

Fixed a bug that prevented multimeters from reporting values.

0.53.1 - Jan 29, 09

Fixed a minor bug caused by deleting wires or components with wires.

0.53.0 - Jan 24, 09

Golems now supports group assignment! Select any set of objects, and then press 'g'. Then go to group view to see and select the groups you've created.

Collision detection has been improved so that if one structure is completely contained inside another structure, it no longer 'pops out' in physics mode.

Finally, the sizes of save files are dramatically reduced.

0.52.9 - Dec 19, 08

Design mode now has support for box selection: Hold down ctrl (or comand on Macs), click and drag the mouse select all the objects inside a box.

Made changes that should improve saving and loading times, and cut the size of save files for large machines by as much as 60%. Additionally, some minor bug fixes were made to motors and wires.

0.52.8 - Dec 11, 08

Fixed a minor bug that caused certain save files to fail to load. Also made some minor changes to the window themes.

0.52.7 - Dec 10, 08

Golems now has tooltips! (These can be disabled from the menu). An important bug with physics was fixed, as well as a large number of minor improvements.

0.52.6 - Dec 4, 08

Fixed a bug that caused occasional crashes during physics, and reduced loading time for starting physics. Added more options for the Function Modifier component.

0.52.5 - Nov. 30, 08

Improved graphics problems related to flickering, fixed some minor bugs.

0.52.4 - Nov. 29, 08

Added keyboard controls for batteries. You can now turn batteries on and off, while physics is running, by pressing shortcuts you set up. Note: new save files may not load in previous versions of Golems.

0.52.3 - Nov. 29, 08

Fixed important bugs affecting only Macs, and released a Linux version. Also improved cylinder collision resolution.

0.52.2 - Nov. 25, 08

Fixed some important bugs, released an alternate installation option for Windows, and improved Mac integration.

0.52.1 - Nov. 22, 08

Minor bug fixes.

0.52.0 - Nov. 19, 08

First public release.


Note: Golems depends upon a number of open source projects, many of which have been altered, customized, or added to during the creation of Golems. On any release in which the open source components were altered, the source code for those components can be found in the "Open Source" subdirectory of the corresponding revision link on this page.